________ (2017-2019)

Photobook created with Woody Gooch -anticipated early 2021. Three trips to Haiti's capital, Port-Au-Prince, over three years, investigate the presence of Voodoo in the community and culture of the city. A short film accompanies the photobook filmed on 16mm from the last trip to the country in September 2019.

Exhibition, publication, and release information coming soon
Excerpt from 1 of 12 original artworks to be released from the series:

We are born in blood
Blood rarely spills and not on its own accord
Blood will run in the dark _ until darkness is torn
Blood boiling beneath blood
Ours or another’s is the separation.
Another stains the surface
Another will not run across your skin
Another will not fall
Our bodies wrapped in blood
Concealed in skin
Blood of one’s own can roll across the skin
Blood of another sooner dries
Sooner stains
Carving through one.
This blood will not disappear.
Blood of another is loss of one’s self
This flow is the pulse of death
Blood was not meant to dry
To watch blood dry
To see a flame choke
To watch blood dry
To see a sad distinction of time
The erosion of blood will be our last effect
The pulse of another

In the loss of another one offers themselves
A part of one in return
No single occurrence
Action always met by another
Blood binds closer than any
In stealing another’s humanity a piece of ours is lost
A deal with the devil, to see the soul split
In obscurity there is the frame of a new
The hoof of a beast
The horns of a new
With blood to stain long past washing
A humanity lost
A humanity wasted
Demands out attention
Demands his attention
Demands a pulse
One of irregularity
The blood of another will mark the last resemblance of ourselves.