‘Hole in the Sky’ (2014-2020)

September 1, 2019, Hurricane Dorian made landfall in the Abacos, a small outer-island chain of the Bahamas. The storm system, the strongest on record in the Atlantic, circled over the islands for nearly 24 hours with sustained winds over 200 mph. The Abacos flooded were flattened, and although the official death count in the Abacos is 60, it has been estimated hundreds of lives were lost to the sea, and at a time, thousands were missing. This photo series shows the destruction of a community as documentation begins five years before the storm and carries through the year following the hurricane. Sourced images from the internet document the panic as family and friends of the islands’ 17,000 residents desperately looked for answers on which islands and people survived the storm. With communication down for days following the storm, many islands could not be accessed by emergency relief. Therefore large numbers of uncounted people could not be confirmed as surviving the storm.

book anticipated Fall 2022