DIY (2022)

Digital Video

In collaboration among artist Connor Tingley, skateboarder Curren Caples, filmmakers Quinn Matthews and James Mackel, two ramps were constructed, layered with vinyl, and painted over. While the paint was wet, and again when dry, Curren skated over the ramps tearing through the surface. The vinyl base below the paintings was then removed, revealing California iconography, finishing the work.

Painting and skateboarding are all about doing it yourself, even though they have community, they are most solely executed, unlike a team sport. We wanted to coerce the similarities of these disciplines, while wrapping them in a concept that discusses the macroscopic fact of life, of being on earth. Ultimately, the work is about unity, awareness, and embrace of life's patina.

DIY is an art collaboration between the mediums of music, skateboarding, and painting, our conversation was based around Southern California Americana in a work that is ultimately about man's effect on Earth, and the inadequacy of our creations in light of nature. We wanted to inform the day-to-night transition that we all experience on earth which is informed in the work by the markings of gravity from the skateboard wheels. We connected the domain of painting (on the wall) and skateboarding (on the ground). Each discipline was not compromised in approach but affected in their outcomes as they participated together.